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I've been buying some silver this past year. I'm still learning though. There are a few factors to consider. First, online may advertise lower premium over spot, but then you've got shipping. Your local coin/silver shop probably has a little higher premium to keep the lights on, and sales tax. So, you gotta kinda figure out where your best bet is. Two or three dollars over spot is actually a little high if you're just looking for some bulk pure silver coins or bars.
Silver actually dropped a little two months ago I think. I think it was down around 27-28, but now it's back in the low 30s. I buy when I'm able. Besides, you'll have to hold it at least long enough for the spot price to be higher than the gross price you paid anyway. So just buy where you can.

I think if you spend over a grand on metals you don't have to pay sales tax, at least I think that's the rule. Check out THey have everything. I also really like what Scottsdale Silver has. You can always spend hours trying to score a good deal on silver on ebay but I've found inevitably the auction price ends up pretty close to spot plus some premium.
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