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Originally Posted by JoeFaz View Post
Anyone been there lately? I want to take my jeep full of guns up there, do some shooting and trail riding, but haven't been in many years. Is it still cool to set up a long range target on the air strip? I'd like to go before "outdoorsmen" start crowding the place up, so I'm thinking next month. If more than a few are using the "range" are there other nearby open, flat-ish areas to set up some 100-300 yard targets?
Thanks for any info/advice!
As long as you keep your trucks off the runway (there are roads for ground-bound vehicles) I'm good with anyone going.

However, keep your ground-bound arses OFF the runway. It's a public-use airport and is still used by pilots, even if I can't fly there any more. I have lost count of how many a-holes in ground-bound vehicles I've cussed out over driving on the runway. If you're not in an airplane, you are NOT entitled to be on the runway. Keep your arse off.
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