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After 30 years of reloading and several benches from very small (28" x 20") to very large (8' x 4') I have decided that I really don't need a lot of depth. The length is of more importance to me mainly to accommodate the equipment that I want mounted permanently which is my Dillon 550. I have a single stage press and various other tools that can be bench mounted but I only use occasionally so these will have a place to mount but will not take up space when not being used. One other thing I have noticed for me is whatever the available space is I will clutter it up at some point and will need to clean it up in order to reload. To keep the cleanup to a minimum I will keep the bench size down to a more reasonable size. I am currently still using the 8' x 4' ( multi purpose not originally intended for reloading which is almost always cluttered to some extent) bench but want to make a new dedicated one of ~4' x 2'. The new smaller bench will have plenty of space for any task I plan on as long as I keep it neat and clean. I hope to have this rady to use in about a month. Still have a lot of crap to move out of the way (as well as toss) to make room but its finally happening.

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