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Originally Posted by Knight_Who_Says_Ni View Post
That CCW denial brings tears to my eyes. At what point do they realize that it is a RIGHT to bear arms! Not a privilege! "Law Enforcement resources..." Here there is 2 hour average response time for home invasion robberies, when seconds matter, the police are hours away.
Two hours lol I was at a friends birthday party in North Hills when 3 men started braking into the cars. We called the police and it took them 3.5 hours to respond. My brother and I chased them off and then got an ear full from the responding officer on how we could get in trouble for our actions if we were to hurt the robbers. I want to know WTF is going on in this county.... do the cops take that long to respond for fear of being sued for doing their job. I for one don't need the police to protect me, I am a grown man who will defend himself and family from Criminals, but then it seems I will need an Attorney to defend me from the people sworn to protect me and every law abiding citizen.
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