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Originally Posted by SA227driver View Post
What do you plan on using your Glock for? If it's going to be a race/competition gun, then go for it. If it's going to be a carry/self-defense gun; I would leave it stock when it comes to springs, with the exception of the items that you already mentioned.

If you do replace the slide stop and extended mag release make sure you take a tac pistol/self-defense course to see how your new setup works for you.

Some people have found that they can accidentally engage the slide stop with their shooting hand thumb, or accidentally engage the extended mag release under stress or with an awkward grip.

Strictly carry and defense...

So, that being said, I'm thinking of actually taking a self-defense pistol course of some type very soon. I think I will wait until I do before making any changes.

I shot the Glock again today, and aside from shooting a bit low (is that me or the gun?), I need more work on my grip and stance...

Staying more on topic, one change I think will indeed need to be made is the front and rear sights as it's difficult for my eyes to properly focus on the stock sights.
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