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Originally Posted by Bobby Ricigliano View Post
There was another similar thread a while back where some dude hemmed and hawed over enlisting for like 2 years. All kinds of info and guidance was given but I don't know if he ever took the plunge.
That could have been me. These things take a long time unless you are right out of high school. I walked into the recruiter in August of 2010, and ended up enlisting on March of 2011, and shipped in September of 2011. So it literally took more than a year from the time I first walked in till the time I got on the bus.

There are plenty of others though. So I'll let them know they too can enlist with a degree in hand as an E4, and end up Company Commander inside of 6 years (before their first enlistment contract is even up).

Originally Posted by Bobby Ricigliano View Post
I was on the verge of enlistment in the USAF when I was about 19 and had already taken the ASVAB and went far into the process. I backed out for reasons I can't remember now and that was a blunder. Big time.
Me too, wasn't selected as officer, and the chip on my shoulder blew them off. As an idiot I still enlisted 20 years later anyway with a Master's degree, and would be done by now, with more than one opportunity to have gone officer had I just ate my pride (certainly Warrant Officer).

Originally Posted by Bobby Ricigliano View Post
All of the above info is true regarding the childlike way soldiers are viewed as while new and of lower rank. As a mid-late 20's BCT graduate, I chuckled that I could not leave post without an "Adult Guardian" to sign me out.
My favorite observation was "time" and "food":

Basic Training was only 9 weeks (not even one fiscal quarter) and to the kids it seems like eternity. To the point kids were smuggling in their cell phones and getting Article 15's or kicked out because of it. I'm thinking, ARE YOU KIDDING ME. I might see my parents once a year during the holidays. Why do you have to talk to them every night.

Then there was the Candy in MRE's (like MM's and Skittles). If it was in the MRE it was allowed. Being 38 y/o I didn't need that stuff. I didn't even use it to barter with others. I just held it up, and said who wants it, and threw it in the direction of the first hand to go up, and watched the Piranhas swarm.
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