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After all this time the OP must have made a decision one way or the other. There was another similar thread a while back where some dude hemmed and hawed over enlisting for like 2 years. All kinds of info and guidance was given but I don't know if he ever took the plunge.

I was on the verge of enlistment in the USAF when I was about 19 and had already taken the ASVAB and went far into the process. I backed out for reasons I can't remember now and that was a blunder. Big time.

I was older than the OP when I enlisted in the USAR. I was single though and had a job, which I took leave from for about 6 months for BCT+AIT+another school.

All of the above info is true regarding the childlike way soldiers are viewed as while new and of lower rank. As a mid-late 20's BCT graduate, I chuckled that I could not leave post without an "Adult Guardian" to sign me out. I got signed out by another soldier's parents. Our subsequent trip to Olive Garden followed by some shopping at Wal Mart were nearly a religious experience. It was exciting to buy some CD's and junk food, I tell ya.
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