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Originally Posted by Snoopy47 View Post
It's not going to be easy. Not being a Marine I can't say I know, but in the Army you would not get any contact with your family while in Basic Training other than phone time, and graduation, then off to MOS school.

You might be able to live off post with your family while at MOS school. If you do, remember, you'll be getting up at 3am to make it on time to your PT before class. You'll probably get home around 8pm.

Now, if you "DO" manage to get to have your family with you while in MOS school it's going to be totally on you to find housing. Guess when you get to do it? On your own time. Guess what the business hours are of rental offices for housing? They sure as hell aren't Marine hours.

If you don't have a car then you are screwed, but you can't drive it. The Army didn't even let enlisted trainees drive. You're wife have to drive.

Not having a kid and wife at the time I was in enlisted training I can't imagine the additional stress you might be incurring. Right? It's not like you can simply walk to your barracks and crash, or study at the end of the day. You'll have a huge distraction. HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! While all your peers around you will have the ability to 100% focus, or just step away from formation and sleep and recharge for the next day.

Your wife is probably not going to understand the amount of bull sht you have to deal with for being the slightest bit late for anything, and why the smallest things are such a big deal.
In Marine basic training, you will get a 15 second phone call to let her know that you arrived alive. You MIGHT get 5 minutes for a phone call if you 'earn' it (ie shooting expert on the range, highest score on the knowledge test, that kind of thing) or if you are extremely lucky, and the senior drill instructor is in a good mood, he might give you a phone call since your wife is pregnant just to check up on her.

You should be able to hit the pay phone booth during MCT (after basic, before MOS school) when you aren't out in the field.

You will not be allowed to live off base during your MOS school.

You will not be allowed to drive, or even enter a private vehicle while in MOS school.
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Plenty of people who don't frequent internet forums are blissfully unaware that their guns suck.
I don't understand. Is he being forced out for being an ammo-grabbing fascist or for being a failure as an ammo-grabbing fascist?
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