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Since I've never done a PPT and don't know the process my idea could be stupid but...

Since most of the complaints that I see here are about the time spent at the store, is there a way that you guys could put the forms as a downloadable .PDF on your website?

This way both parties could show up at the store will all the info pre-filled and all that the store has to do is check for accuracy.

If that is not possible, maybe an extra service for a small convenience fee ($5) were both parties go to your website and give you all the info. By the time they get to the store the paper is all printed and filled and all you have to do is check documents and get the finger print? If you can't charge extra because of regulations how about a promotion like this: Doing a PPT at Turners? For $15 (or whatever) reserve a box of ammo for your new gun and we will have the papers ready for you...

Just an idea...
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