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Originally Posted by rlewpolar View Post
Thanks guys, good examples and I will forward it to him.

I just learned something and it blows my mind. This guy is a gun owner!!!!! He owns 2 pistols and one shotgun! Granted, he inherited them but....

He keeps them locked away in his basement. He is arguing that the stats show that having a gun in the house makes you statistically more unsafe and that there have been almost no cases of a homeowners defending themselves successfully against armed intruders. Further, he lives in San Francisco, which is not exactly Mayberry. And to top it all off, he is a 60 something year old attorney, not a 20 year old snowflake. So he should know that bad stuff can and does happen in life. He is ultra liberal though so clearly ideology is at play. Hopefully these examples will have him pull out those guns out of the basement. I'm not hopeful though.

P.S. Is there a way I can copy and paste the videos and just drop them into an email? When I try to copy them, it just shows a link to Calguns. Anyway to decouple them from this site and have them as a standalone link that refers the user back to the original source? Thanks

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In bold....that one point would prove to me he's a fool
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