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Default 2/26/13 North OC Shoot @ Field Time Target and Training

Come one come all,

2/26/13 @ 6:30pm-9pm is our next North OC shoot at Field Time Target and Training in Stanton. If you haven’t been to FTT&T yet, it is a gorgeous new facility with state of the art design and HEPA ventilation system. Invite your friends, neighbors, mailman, dentist, anybody! All are welcome.

Field Time Target and Training is near Beach & Katella in Stanton… Do not confuse it with the Field Time Sports and Guns on Beach & Hazard in Westminster.

There is a lounge area where we can sit around, socialize and eat. Since this is a weeknight shoot, it will be easiest to have food at the range. We can do one of two things: A potluck style where everybody brings something OR just chip in $$$ and I will bring a stack of food (pizza, tacos, hamburgers, bbq, etc). Please post your preference. The votes will be tallied and a decision will be made on Friday 2/22. I will post the results here.
*********Update*********** Since not one person commented about food, I will grab something on the way like last time. (probably pizza?) Seems easiest / cheapest.

Safety - Safety is big-time important. If you see something unsafe, remember that any shooter can call seize-fire at any time if there is a safety issue. If you are acting unsafe you will be either educated or asked to leave at the staff’s discretion. Complete range rules can be viewed at
Bring a Government ID! We cannot let you onto the range without proper ID. Remember to bring a driver’s license, passport, govt ID card, etc.
Age - No shooters under the age of 10 are allowed in the range. All shooters that are under 21 must be accompanied by a shooter that is over 21 that is willing to keep an eye on them. If you don’t know anybody over 21, let us know and we will find someone that will help you out and show you the ropes.
Ammo - No steel core, no steel jacketed / bi-metal jacketed, and no steel cased ammo. If any part of the cartridge attracts a magnet, it is a no-go. No aluminum cased ammo. No Tracers. Your ammunition will be checked by both FT and Calguns staff.
Pistols - No Rapid fire, no drawing from holster, and all pistols must be unloaded, locked open and pointed downrange when not in use.
Rifles - All rifles must have a chamber flag when not in use. Your rifle must be checked in at the front counter when you register. They will give you a chamber flag to use for the night. Please remember to give it back before you leave.
Shotguns- Slugs ONLY. Double check your range bag and make sure no birdshot or buckshot is brought through the front door. This is a safety issue. If you are caught with birdshot or buckshot, you will be asked to leave.
Brass- You can sweep up your own brass. Just notify staff that you want to keep your brass and we will try to sweep it into a little pile for you.
Cost - $10, stay and shoot until closing at 9pm!

REMINDER: - Field Time Target & Training has been gracious enough to allow us the use of their facilities at a reduced cost. We will return the courtesy and we will leave the facility better than we found it. That means sweeping up after yourself, making sure trash is disposed of and accepting responsibility if you shoot a target hanger or damage range equipment.
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