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Originally Posted by GM_77 View Post
... If you are climbing Everest you don't ask the REI guy what to wear, you go to the SME's that have actually been there and done it. Now if you are going for a day hike you could ask the REI guy and be fine. I'm sure the Everest dude would yield more though even for the same task ...
This is an excellent analogy for the most part, but I think it actually serves to make my point. The "Tier One" trainers suggested are undeniably SMEs in various kinds of team tactics and military techniques. If that's what you want to learn or experience, then you have found your instructors. Who could argue otherwise?

But it's an open question as to which of them are SMEs for the types of self-defense situations most likely to be encountered by civilians, lacking team support or combat load-outs. Certainly that's not a pejorative question or observation, or is it?

It's kind of drag-racing vs. F1 vs. NASCAR, isn't it? It doesn't make sense to say that someone who is a respected NASCAR figure can't teach NASCAR, because they never won a drag race.

Like it or not, Pincus does indeed have the respect of many important and established authorities in the self-defense training field. If you consider the opinions of people like Mike Seeklander, Mas Ayoob, Claude Werner, etc. to be "worthless", then I leave you to your rarefied sensibilities. What it means in any specific case is open to interpretation.

I don't consider myself to be a "defender" of Rob Pincus.I absolutely disagree with some of what he teaches. That's a subject for conversation, research and further study. Rational people don't start feuds over such things. In that respect, you have to admire the professional bearing of someone like LAV concerning these kinds of questions. Nobody is the "all seeing, all knowing" guru on these matters ... not even guys with Tier One military experience.

I take issue with baseless bashing and unnecessary drama, however. Maybe a little more mutual (even if grudging) respect and "staying in your own damned lane" is called for.

I don't pretend to be an "authority." I'm just a guy who trains a lot, shoots a lot and has a perspective.

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