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Originally Posted by ZombieTactics View Post
I am unaware of any special "rate card" for instructors...
I took Paul's comment as being you don't go to those trainers because you are worried about price, you go to them because of what they have done and what you can learn from them. If you are climbing Everest you don't ask the REI guy what to wear, you go to the SME's that have actually been there and done it. Now if you are going for a day hike you could ask the REI guy and be fine. I'm sure the Everest dude would yield more though even for the same task...

Originally Posted by ZombieTactics View Post
...snarky attempts ...
The 20 student thing is an obvious attempt. Paul merely returned accurate and effective fire.

Originally Posted by Ramzar
I don't see Jeff Varner or much of anything from 10X Defense any more.
In some of the CFS videos on youtube the main instructor I think was Omari Broussard.
--edit-- oh wow I guess it was a 2011 schedule, didn't see that. Nevermind!

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