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Originally Posted by TacticalPlinker View Post
I would remove your magazines, knife, etc...

I've seen people in obvious "PT dress" (t-shirt & shorts w/ running shoes), running with their plate carriers.

But again, ditch the magazines and knife, etc. It really shouldn't add enough weight to make a difference in training. At least, if you have plates. Otherwise there is very little weight to an empty carrier with no plates.

Also, screw if anyone calls the cops. It's not illegal.

Yeah 10 round magazines I don't even notice them with my plates in.

I tired putting a shirt or jacket on over my vest and well, it looked like I was wearing a suicide vest. Not what I want

I understand its not illegal but I'd still rather not have the cops rolling up on me over that partly cause they may think I'm carrying a gun. Even though I wouldn't be. And I don't wanna get shot.
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