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Finally getting my gear put together with some Made In The USA quality (backed by lifetime warranties)...

What you see in the pictures;
Shellback/TAG Banshee carrier (no plates yet),
ATS war belt w/ 762 Tactical duty belt inner,
Benchmade rescue hook
Marz tactical TQ pouch w/ Gen3 SOFTT-W

Still waiting on some more pouches & gear to finish things up. I'll be adding a larger IFAK and a utility pouch + some mag pouches to the carrier. I'm also trying to get some plates, but they're expensive & partially restricted... On the belt, I'll be adding another utility pouch, mag pouches and a fixed blade knife.

Ignore the velcro backed name tape, it's something that was given to me awhile back. I like it though and it fits perfectly, but I'm trying to find (have it made) something exactly like it, only with different colors because I don't like ACU and I need several of them.
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