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Originally Posted by Scuba Steve33 View Post
Also, we rolled with our mags down. After a firefight we would take our empty mags from our dump pouches and put them back in the pouches facing up. At night we could feel the difference. If you have them all up the follower will feel like a round and you could grab that on accident. Of course none of that matters for training which I'm sure 99.9% of these set ups are for.

nothing wrong with using them for training. i use the one i used in Iraq for classes since my unit is stupid. train as you fight that is the way i was taught. IIRC it is Army doctrine.

Originally Posted by G38xOC View Post
Got mine last nite . Vest fits me just right. Cummerbund is slightly loose where it shifts downs when mags are there. That's with djusted tightest.with light stuff such as light,medic pouch should be okay though.
With front n back plates added, it should fill those gap.
overall very happy with the product.ur right about being hot item. I ordered from TAG last week/half ago with 23 in stock. Now they're out already.

i have the Banshee if that is what you bought. i like it. i have used it in a class already and switched some stuff around on it. the Banshee is very popular.

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