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are you filipino?

Originally Posted by 18Dmedic View Post
Roger that sir!

They just say and do the dumbest Shiite. I had a guy once ask me how many people have I killed "over there" the interview...I was like WTF? I just stood up and left.

Another lady in an interview was like, you're not gonna start killing people or anything are you? Are you effin' serious? Where do they get these people?

I've been having a real hard time finding work. I just got a job working undercover for an undisclosed corporate giant. Finding internal and external thieves. Having a blast so far. But the civilians are just killing me. They are plain retarded. I didn't know the term "FO SHO" or phrase,"i was almost harlem shaking," was even acceptable when speaking to someone in authority.

Jesus Mary and Joseph, WTF is going on in this country...was I gone that much?...crap!
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