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I like the magnesium "booster" options FeuerFrei provided but they are quickly consumed. Or rather consumed much faster than the ferro rod. For long term viability, learn how to identify and use the natural tinder available to you.

Every time you go for a hike or go camping or are just walking around, look around for tinder. Gather what you find and test it to see what works and what doesn't. Figure out how you will protect and dry out that tinder. If you can find some tinder in the morning, could you dry it out during the day to use when you get to your destination?

The more you can learn about and rely on your environment, the less you have to carry.

Some tricks to getting sparks from a ferro rod:
-It's the rod, not the paint on the rod, that sparks
-Your scraper needs to have a good sharp edge to scrap/cut the ferro material off the rod
-Scraping requires good pressure, perpendicular to the rod
-Once you figure out the pressure and angle to get good sparks, learn how to hold the scraper still and pull the rod back toward you to get sparks. This helps throw sparks onto your tinder without knocking the tinder over with your hand and scraper or blowing the material away from the wind when your hand passes over it

Practice practice practice and have fun
All things being equal...

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