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Default 80% Finishing! Options. Pictures?

OK... My Tactical Machining paperweight is in the mail. I'm stoked. I have my graphic ready, I know what I want on the sides of the lower.

What methods are you using? I have access to a laser engraver, and an actual engraver-engraver. I also have a powder coating gun! And I'm sure there is someone who can do a hard anodized coating not too far from me.

So, I have lots of options, and no experience mixing coatings and engravings. So I'm looking at YOU for guidance. For instance, if one were to laser engrave the bare aluminum, then apply a coating, would the laser engraving be visible? What happens when you laser engrave a powder coated piece of aluminum? Anodized aluminum? Will regular engraving work out better for some of it?

You have any pictures?
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