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Originally Posted by Red Devil View Post
The G23 is a really nice combination for a field pistol.

I just got Two more for my Boys.

W/ 180 gr. HST it's a good stopper, w/ 180 gr. TMJ it'll punch through the brisket of a big hog. I carry a mag of each in the field and load'em as need be.

Shootable uncovered too. (although I wouldn't make a casual habit of it)

I'd sure like to see Glock come out w/ a .40 slimline based on the G36. Just use the same top end as the G23 but bevel the muzzle end, and stuff Nine (yes, I tried it) .40's into a modified std. G36 sized mag and frame.

I would buy a case of'em.
The more I research the G-23 .40 the more I like it. Almost identical to the 9mm G-19 with the exception of .40 caliber VS 9mm. Not sure why it weighs 1oz more than the G-19 unloaded as it has the same frame. Must be the barrel weight?
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