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Originally Posted by tenpercentfirearms View Post
Are there any ports that redirect the flash? No. The flash comes out the end of the muzzle just like a standard barrel. No re-directing has occurred.

In your case of a permantly attached flash suppressor, the flash is re-directed from exiting the muzzle with the bullet to exiting through established slots in order to redirect the flash.

Well at least it sounds good.
But, a plain barrel that is crowned and ported isn't a flash hider, is it?

Originally Posted by EBR Works View Post
I talked to Jason Davis. He said it would most likely be a test case. I guess no featureless + can for me...
, Well, you could always go non semi-auto and not worry about CA AW laws.

Originally Posted by PolishMike View Post
I LOVE my integrally suppressed stuff. Finishing up a UMP now

But yes, this could probably be argued either way
I've got to play with a few models with intergral surpressors and they are much more fun than having to screw a can on and off. A friend of mine has had a MP5SD in his safe since he bought it for $1200 in 1969. Another friend has a Ruger MKII that I'd love to be able to own. He also has a MP5K with a can and a transferable FCG that he used to shoot yotes with from his back porch.
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