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Originally Posted by 1nickatnite1 View Post
excuse the possibly dumb question but I'm just not sure after reading the thread...

"- This conversion MUST be done by an 07 FFL, or can be done by a private party (unlikely for them to have the parts) prior to shipping."

Does this mean any off list pistol I buy must go through a middle-man FFL and converted to SS BEFORE being shipped into CA? Or can a 07 FFL in CA receive the pistol as is and then convert it in state before I start DROS on it?

Thanks in advance!
07 FFL is no longer required per the legal beagles, the OP states this as well, I should make it more clear. Note, you should DEFINITELY check with whatever shop you plan to use to make sure they are expecting your item/can do the conversion/are willing to do the conversion etc.

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