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Originally Posted by NorCalMama View Post
Do you find that when you go to a range guys look at you like, "wtf is she doing here?!"? Have you ever had anything said or done to you by guys at the range just because you're a female shooter?

What sort of gender based treatment have you experienced?
If anything, I'm glad to see female shooters at the range.
Most of the time, They have a huge grin too!
Its good to know that not all of them think guns are evil and such.

Originally Posted by Stormfeather View Post
bleh, male, female, trans-g, who cares as long as they are into the sport?
We all know your into them, its ok.
We support your decisions
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Originally Posted by scotthmt View Post
I used to take girls that im tryna get at for a drive through oakland to play a game called "spot the hooker". its a kind of "slug bug" but with hookers.
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