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Originally Posted by Barbell909 View Post
Hello members,

Only 6 years into law enforcement and only 36 years old.

Fractured left neck bone in Iraq, dislocated left shoulder 2x, lower back injury from falling in Iraq, and 3x head trauma injuries.

I still workout 4 times per week and I feel good during and after workout.

However, there are days or when doing simple thing like washing dishes, changing diapers, washing my dog, or put my shoes or boots on. My back hurts so much I have to either stop doing whatever I am doing or lay on the ground.

I canít imagine doing this job until 50 years old minimum until I can retire.

All my primary doctors want to give me nothing but pain killer meds, but they are so bad for your liver and health.
I bulged two discs in my spine in 2009. Did the ibuprofen deal for a while but kept having issues. I went to my primary care doctor who wanted to know if I wanted opiates of benzos. I didnt want either so I went to a chiropractor and told him I wanted non med support treatment. He gave me a bunch of core strength exercises to do and would put my discs back in once a week for a couple months. Eventually the core exercises worked, stopped going to chiro and no pain meds. I still have issues on occasion but am approaching 40 and its only if I chop a couple cords of firewood in a day. good luck.
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