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Originally Posted by packnrat View Post
not a leo. but am a class A driver, now 58 years old been driving big rigs for over 35 years now.

but my back, joints, head, ears, insides. all have problems.
not legal to take any of the good drugs to help with the pains.

all i can say is if you want/need to keep working.
or if you can quit and not work is the question.

i need to work might just die behind the wheel. but i just live with the pain.

would like to retire. but have these bad habits of eating and living under a roof.

You need to make time to strengthen your body by focusing on stability exercises, practical strength.

Sitting on a chair or being in a seated position for a long periods screws up a lot of things like you mentioned plus the leg circulation.

Search "Coach Jay Johnson" in Youtube or "lunge matrix." Check this out -

The postural exercises have helped me out a lot since the chiro can only focus on symptoms not the root cause of the issue.

Keep the shoulder and hip girdle strong thorugh its range of motion, that's the key! Loose and strong!

Oh yeah, a foam roller also helps.

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