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Default Hello :)

Heya everyone!

My name is Rob, I am a wedding & portrait photographer based in Riverside, CA. I have been married to my awesome wife, Natalie, for almost 21 years now. We have 2 kids and a granddaughter.

I have always been a conservative who tended to vote republican, and I have been a Christian for about 10 years or so.

I have also been a supporter of the Second Amendment since I knew what it was. I had always intended to buy a gun since I turned 21, but I always put it off. It was just never a high priority for me. But with the way the country seems to be headed, it started to seem like a more important idea. Now, lately, it seems at least probable that it may become EXTREMELY difficult to buy a firearm. The last two things that really made me go ahead and buy one is first, the area we live in is becoming worse and worse. We have had our car broken into several times, and we have had things stolen out of our back yard - we have even had our neighbors tell us (twice) that someone had tried to break into our home, once while we were at home asleep. The other reason is that I am a photographer - I frequently find myself, along with my wife and most often a young woman model, out in the middle of nowhere - and I also have thousands of dollars of camera gear that I can't replace easily, and I rely on to make my living. In the past, this wasn't such an issue. The area was safer, I was younger and physically better able to protect my wife and myself. But now, the entire area is getting worse (not the least of which is because of the homeless crisis in our area, and some of them are unfortunately, dangerous) - and I am older, slower, and have an injury that makes it less likely that I could defend my wife or myself nearly as well as I used to be able to. We have had some scary incidents on photoshoots before!

So I bought a Smith & Wesson SD9VE (CA compliant version, obviously). I know, it's not the greatest gun, but I could afford it, and I know the Smith & Wesson name - so I went with it. The 9mm choice was simply because the guy behind the counter pointed out that it was cheaper to shoot. Seemed like a reasonable argument, so I went with the 9mm.

I am now working very hard to be a safe and responsible gun owner. I practice at the range when possible, I bought some "snap caps" for dry fire practice, and I recently got one of those laser bullet training systems for (allegedly) even better dry fire practice - not sure if those are worth it or not. When I bought the gun, I went straight from the gun store to the gun range and took a basic handgun safety course, and intend to take all the safety and tactical courses I can. I am also in the process of applying for a CCW permit.

Anyway, thats my story - thanks for readin

Take care all,
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