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Originally Posted by damon1272 View Post
To clarify, this was only one dream but that understanding of that dream took 20+ years. Though there were portions of the dream that i could relate to scripture. Because of this I tread lightly on the revelation of dreams by God to people. This is a way of legitimate communication that God uses to communicate with people. I do think it is over stated and over blown just as the use of tongues. Yes it was just my one experience and is not provable but because of this experience I give people a wider breadth on the subject.

Now as to your question of this dream being my salvation, absolutely not. I have gone to the Lord and repented of my sins and asked for salvation and later being baptized. Payed a personal price to get where I am at with Christ though many others have paid much more than I.

I only liken this dream to Christ calling of his sheep. I was not saved till much later. I do not put any more meaning on this dream than that. As with all we are call but few respond and like me some take a very long time to come to Christ. I think that is a reflection on how deep we are into our sin.
Thanks for the clarification! Being saved, as you clearly state that you are, is the part I rejoice over! Sounds like you've got the dream in the right perspective.

Thanks for letting me ask and answering so clearly!

God bless,
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