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First story gave me the chills. Gonna go read the second one now.

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When I was a baby and my mom was pregnant with my little brother, her and my dad's relationship was crumbling (which lead to divorce a few months later), they were broke, and Mom was having some major depression issues. She was looking out the window of her apartment, and saw a row of about 10 very athletic looking men dressed in off-white style togas (think of the common image of roman citizen 2000 years ago). They were all standing in a line, stone-still facing due east as if to protect her from an oncoming attack. And the really odd part that she told me at the end of this story, was that all of these men were at least 9 feet tall. She told me that the sight of the men did scare her, but that it also gave her a sense of peace and calmness,because she knew exactly who, and why they were there.
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Here's my analogy that anybody on calguns can understand:
Hunters = law abiding gun owners
Poachers = school shooters
See how big the difference is?

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