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Default Angels

The other night I was thinking about the many Biblical references to angels and I recalled two experiences that were related to me where people I was close to had an experience that might be described as an angelic encounter.

The first one involved my grandmother who was a devout Christian and the matriarch of the large family that my father came from. When I was 12 years old, my grandmother became very ill in her mid 80's and my dad was called to Los Angeles because she did not have long to live. It was in late December just a bit before Christmas; I remember because my brothers and I were left at home when my mom and dad went to see her. On the night she died, she was surrounded by several of her sons and my mother when she suddenly became very lucid and began talking to her family...calling them all by name and assuring them that everything would be fine and that she was ready to go home. My mother said that suddenly my grandmother pointed to the window and said "Isn't it wonderful how they have decorated the hospital for Christmas? Just look at that beautiful angel in the window"? Everyone turned to look at the window and saw nothing because they were on the 7th floor of the hospital. When they turned back my grandmother had passed on. Hallucination? Not likely since she had just been having lucid conversations with everyone.

A couple of years ago a very close friend who works at a local college told me of an experience he had one Friday afternoon. There are very few classes on Fridays so the campus was lightly populated and he was hurrying from his office to an administrative meeting when he was approached by a young man who caught his attention. The young man was nice looking and appeared to be middle eastern; he asked for directions to a certain building and my friend told him where to find it. The man then looked directly at my friend and said "Can you tell me what is the most important thing you will do today"? My friend said he thought a moment and then said " I am a believer in Jesus Christ, so the most important think I will do is to love the Lord with all my heart, all my soul and all my might". The young man smiled at him and said "You have spoken very wisely" and then turned to walk away. A few steps later, my friend turned to say something to the young man and he had disappeared there in the middle of the empty quad.

Both incidents can bring forth many explanations, but they have stuck with me for many years (the one with my grandmother for some 55 years). I thought I would share and see if anyone had any similar stories.
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