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You need to shop around more or ask for a free tube of KY with those prices. Holy smokes!!!!!!!

.07 projectile
.037 powder
.014 primer
free range brass= 12c each

And to the OP... Loading rifle is no child's play. Go load with an old pro for a day and ask lots of questions before you buy.

Originally Posted by bohoki View Post
if you are looking to save money i wish you luck

my breakdown is about 10 cents per bullet 10 cents for powder and 2 cents for primer

that comes to 4.40 a box which sounds super awesome but then you have to take all the labor into it and its a tad more extensive than say loading 45 or 9mm

you should trim and debur after sizing and sizing requires lube i use the petroleum jelly

and i often have to ream and chamfer the primer pockets
then after all that sometimes i run into a pocket that is too loose to hold a primer so after all that work i have to chuck that case and 9 times out of 10 it was a FC case
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