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Originally Posted by SalfromCal View Post
Hey Mike, I'm just curious. Is there a reason why you don't do or sell Kimber's 1911? My brother was at your store the other day looking for a Kimber and he mentioned to me that he got negative responses regarding these pistols and he was recommended a Springfield instead. Not sure if he talked to you or somebody else but I was wondering because I own a Kimber and never had any problem with it during all these years, almost 2000 rounds and still works flawless. I was just wondering why you don't sell them or recommend them

I don't sell them from a first hand bad experience with the company.

The other thing is that lately they are just not great guns. They look pretty, and for the guy that shoots 50-100 rounds a month and thinks its a lot of shooting they are great.

Look up some articles by Hilton Yam and some of the other pros that run 1911's. You will not see a single recommendation for Kimber.

I just don't want to spend my day fixing them.

We recommend anything but a Kimber from our experience. I'm not saying that every kimber will be bad but they have a proven track record as far as that is concerned. If they spend 1/3 of their marketing budget on quality parts they may actually be able to make a good gun.
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