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I started out on a Remington Model 12 and a .22 LR semi-auto at about that age. I could not pull the slide on the pistol. But, no worries, my Dad cocked it for me.
After a short amount of time I was able to rack the slide myself.
The Model 12 was bigger than I was, but with a little arm workout I was able to hold it. The pistol was easy to hold up.

With a mix of .38 and .32 revolvers and a couple of shotguns tossed in for fun.

I asked my Dad, nay, I demanded which ones I wanted to try.

Couple of years later when I wasn't afraid of being bowled over I started shooting the 30-30. Short while later I was shooting the 30-06.

If I was you, I would ask HER what she wants to shoot. A kid will pretty much know what they are capable of doing by that age.
She might even want to try your AR if that is indeed a picture of you shooting one, I would have if my Dad had owned one.

Who cares if she can hold it up. I didn't but I still shot them. The shotguns and rifles were bigger than I was but I did not care.

My advice to you is take her to where you shoot take a variety of firearms and shoot them then ask her if she wants to try it. If you have not already done this.
You can tell by if she is eager to try. Help her hold it if necessary. Lay it on a bench or whatever and let her rip with it.
If she is bent on a pistol start her on one she wants. As always, ask her what she wants whether she can pull the slide or not.

If she is bent on a particular one and she cannot hold it up tell her as soon as she can hold it and control it it is hers. In the meantime until she gets used to it use this lighter one.
She will start building the strength to use a heavier one on her own if she indeed gets bitten by the bug!

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