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Originally Posted by Quiet View Post
Under Federal laws...

The Remington TAC-14 is classified as a Title 1 Other.
^Firearm with a less than 16" barrel length + a greater than 26" overall length + no shoulder stock.

Under CA laws...

There is no "other" firearm. CA classifies firearms as a "handgun" or a "long gun" ("rifle" or "shotgun") and forces firearms to fit into those categories.

Which means the Remington TAC-14 is classified as:
1. a handgun. (firearm with a less than 16" barrel length). [PC 16530(a) & 16640(a)]
2. a SBS (firearm that shoots shotgun shells and has a less than 18" barrel length). [PC 17180(a)]
3. an unconventional pistol (firearm with a non-rifled barrel that has a barrel length of less than 18"). [PC 17270]
4. an unsafe handgun. (manually operated pistol that has not passed CA DOJ safety testing : not listed on the Roster of Handguns Certified for Sale). [PC 31910(b)(1),(2),(3)]

Therefore, from the factory, the Remington TAC-14 (Title 1 Other) is CA illegal (import, make, transfer, or possess) for non-exempt persons.
~Exempt person = Gov/Mil/LE agency and FFL/SOT with a Dangerous Weapons Permit for SBS.

If the Remington TAC-14 was made into a Title 2 AOW, then it would be exempt from CA SBS laws and CA unconventional pistol laws.
However, it would still be considered an unsafe handgun. Which means it can only be transferred via exemption (LEO sale, PPT, etc).
Thank you for that
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