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Default Forum Poll. Who are you/we voting for Gov

So just got my mail-in ballot and time to make some pics. All I have filled in so far is my local sheriff Jay Varney (unopposed). And leaning Travis Allen for gov. ( But I will admit I am just getting into researching these candidates so still figuring them out) Just curious where the community is putting their Support.

I am not even going to list liberals in the poll or those claiming no party. but will have an option for that.

No one can see who you choose in the poll and I have allowed Multiple choices for those of you that have not decided and are on the fence between 2 candidates, you can pick both.

Sould I add pols for the other offices? Attorney General, Sec of state, State board, Lieutenant Gov, Senator etc? I know some people think they will just go vote for the Republican on the ballot but when we have so many people for each position and multiple Republicans for each. Just voting for where you see republican can really scatter and dilute the vote to a loss where It may have been an easy win. If people are just going to vote Republican and not really concerned with who it is, it might be a good Idea to give them the name of the strongest one to support to concentrate the votes to support the Republican. I like to go research each person and eliminate each that way till I have one left but most people just show up to vote for one guy in particular in one office and all the other names for other offices are new to them at that moment and they just check next to a party.
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