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Originally Posted by Go Navy View Post
IF the year of manufacture is 1917-18, I wouldn't touch the finish. It may or may not be correct, but once it is refinished, the value could drop. Doesn't matter whether or not it is ugly etc.
In addition, it was very thick in some places, and removing the top layer revealed hidden drips and runs that were thicker still. What a mess.
That indicates more than one bubba refinish, it's overdue to be done right.
BBM, you can have clean hammer and sear notches, but have loose fitting pins that will cause it to jump the notches. Taking it apart for cleaning, and re-installing the pins so that the worn load bearing surfaces are indexed away from each other, can "temporarily" eliminated the problem.
Can't tell you anything for sure without a hands on.
BTW...I don't want to know how you stripped the wood. I have a good idea what you did, but not knowing for sure, absolves me from having to flog you with a cleaning rod. Give it plenty of time to dry or you won't get a finish on it that's worth a damn.
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