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OK - so here's an update......

I got the replacement firing pin and spring, and installed it. Working the action, I noticed that the hammer would occasionally fall when the bolt closed home.... basically a slam fire condition. I took the rifle completely apart, and detail cleaned every bit of baked on crud.... I mean, completely stripped it, to the pins. The hammer and trigger notches look OK, but the mainspring looks very much like someone did a "trigger job".... it is in the white with obvious grind marks and heat discoloration on the sides where it's been thinned. However, there was a lot of hard crud in every crevice and notch, and after detail cleaning, lubrication, and re-assembly, the issue seems to be resolved. I still think I would be wise to source another main spring.

Trap - any ideas?

Since the wood was off, I decided to see what I could do about the crappy varnishing job. Acetone softened it up, but it soon became apparent that it wasn't going to be a real pleasure to do. The gunk was too thick, and when the acetone started to evaporate the goo would reconstitute. In addition, it was very thick in some places, and removing the top layer revealed hidden drips and runs that were thicker still. What a mess.

I elected to strip it completely, down to bare wood. I won't tell you what I used because some of you will have kittens, but suffice it to say it worked very well...... but still took 3 applications with soft-scraping in between treatments. Lots and lots of thick, tar-like goo all over the place.

The wood is drying out now, and after it is nice and dry I'll use 0000 steel wool to get rid of any whiskers before refinishing. I haven't decided whether I'll just BLO it, or stain it first.
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