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Default Marlin 1893 - refinish the wood, or not?

Ok, so I picked up a Marlin 1893 a few weeks ago, and am giving it a once-over and light rehab. It has/had several issues that needed to be addressed, but I picked it up for a decent price and I have no problem cleaning and repairing mechanical/function issues.

List of issues:

1) One fore-end cap screw is missing the screw head.
2) Light primer strikes, sometimes failing to fire the primer.
3) Cracked fore-end wood.
4) Old refinishing job on the wood, with varnish that is crazed and slopped over onto the receiver/metal bits.

Issue #1 has been addressed - screw body was successfully drilled and removed with an easy-out, and replacement screw ordered.

Issue #2 has been addressed (I think). I disassembled the bolt, and discovered that the tip of the firing pin was both badly bent and had been brazed on at the shoulder, apparently having been broken off at on time. I've ordered another firing pin. The problem could also be a weak main/hammer spring, but I'm hoping the new firing pin does the trick.

Issue #3 is being addressed now. I removed the fore-end and wicked wood glue into the cracks. It is now clamped up and drying.

Now - to issue #4....... Should I or should I not remove the old re-finish job and reapply? I'm on the fence, because even though it was obviously refinished and no longer original, the finish has enough patina to suggest that it was done a long time ago. So I don't know if I should leave it as "period correct", or go ahead and remove it and re-oil.

What is the opinion of the cognoscenti?
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