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EP Lowers offers an 80% completed AR-15 lower receiver unlike any other in the firearms industry. We offer the first ever 80% polymer lower available and the only 80% lower that requires no jig to complete. We are calling it the EP-80.

Why have polymer lowers failed in the past? Perhaps: 1. Polymer lowers where manufactured identical in dimension to aluminum alloy lowers. 2. Polymer lowers where manufactured from material that was not as strong as aluminum alloys. 3. There was no consideration in design for a change in the material.

Our lowers are constructed of an ultra strong fiber reinforced polymer. The exact composition is proprietary but I will say its much stronger than any 100% polymer lower available and although we believe our material would be strong enough as is, Our design reinforces the area of the front pivot pin holes and the buffer tube area with additional material where lesser polymer lowers from other manufacturers have failed.

Our product is very strong and durable; much more so than any other polymer lower. You see polymer lowers are injection molded; in the case of our product they are injection molded and then have to survive being milled by our customers. So our 80% lowers are really required to be much stronger for this reason. Also we wanted to have the best product out there and I think we have got that.

There are distinct advantages to going with an 80%. Yes its going to take some work but not without instilling a sense of accomplishment when completed; and our lowers are the easiest and cheapest to complete because our lowers require no jig and no special tools. In that respect we have a distinct advantage within the 80% market.

Why no jig? The fire control pocket is dissimilar in color so it’s clearly outlined what needs to be removed. In the case of the black lowers just mill out the white and leave the black area and you’re done. Fire control and pivot pin areas are clearly marked for drilling. As with standard metal lowers it will take a competent person to complete them; however they are lighter and stronger than alloy. Our product is made in the USA; and we offer a lifetime limited warranty.

We offer multiple colors; these colors are solid so unlike anodized or painted lowers there is no surface coating to scratch; the colors is the same throughout so if it gets scratched just buff it out good as new.

Please be sure to use coupon code 'calguns' to receive a discount on our website when ordering.
The Original Polymer 80 Lower to the market.

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