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Yea, I like mini red dots like those. Gonna put one on my shotgun. You sure a Vortex Razor will stand up to 7.62x39? I have never tried one but in my search for a good dot, before I got the FF3, I read a lot of bad things abou them. Why not spend a tad bit more on an Aimpoint Micro? The only micro dot I have read that has zero problems on AK's and overall, is the Delta. You look like you got your stuff together as far as knowing what to equip yourself with and when. I don't have all of the stuff I need, yet. Now that I am 98% finished with my build, I can work on getting it all. I am going to adapt a hydration pouch to work with my chest rig. Hopefully one with some carrying space. I also want to adapt my chest rig and belt to work with a bigger backpack. It will just take some cutting and sewing. I do that stuff all of the time so I am looking forward to it. I think I sew better than my wife now. Very nice rifle. Now that some of my other weapons are finished, AMD being the biggest project, I would love to get me a Remington 700 and spend some money on getting that up to par, and some time getting myself up to par behind it. I was thinking about another purchase this month, maybe I'll just have to get it. Tempting, tempting. Good chatting with you, Bradley. Take care.
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