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Originally Posted by MindBeyondAverage View Post
Perhaps, but not quite. For one, I don't pretend to have provided security detail in Iraq, or have had to take lives in order to defend my own. It's sad that I have to explain myself over a setup that you cannot see the purpose behind. Although there were other avenues I could have taken in the configuration of my rifle and gear, I didn't and it kind of just ended up this way over the few thousand rounds that I've put through the two weapons. I am a prepper and in the firearms aspect of it, I have put alot of thought into the purpose of them. I have had them setup other ways and found out through running drills and shooting, that those ways were not the way to do it. I have found out over 15 years of martial arts that it is hardly about the tools as much as it is about the man using then, but some things give a good advantage and one would be foolish not to utilize them. What I have here is an AK47 with a rail for my Aimpoint (so that I may remove it quickly in the event it fails me in confrontation), a light (so that I may see in the dark), a grip that feels more comfortable and keeps my hand away from the heat that is generated after putting a few hundred rounds down range, a battery holder to hold a spare for my Aimpoint giving me ten years of battery life in a world where they may no longer be readily available, a funnel that increased my reload time from discharge to battery from 3.6 to 3.2 seconds (and since you're not a ninja, you know every split second counts in a gunfight), some gear so I don't have to dig mags out of the pockets on the side of my cargo pants and can keep my secondary at a ready place where can I quickly deploy it for one of many reasons that would call for doing so, and an American flag because I am a patriot and love what it stands for and intend to defend it if and when necessary (you know like you do when you're out there killing dozens of people when you're on your spy missions). So forgive me if I have not earned my stripes by shedding blood by the gallons but there is nothing wrong with being ready for a time when my tools and the training of them comes. I'm not a gamer, I'm not out to prove how cool I am with my virgin guns on a forum where someone's approval means the world to me. I'm a civilian sheepdog/prepper who values my second amendment rights and the fact that I can have tools that will give me an advantage over guys that love to down folks on the internet, if and when the time comes when I will need them. My rifle and gear are simple. The purpose behind them is what's more complicating. Perhaps you shouldn't pass judgement based off of assumptions. Thanks and God bless.
I'm talking about your knife, not your gun or gears. Peace
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