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Originally Posted by MindBeyondAverage View Post
Thank you. Not front heavy at all. In fact, the rifle loaded is very light. It was designed to be that way and I've made sure to keep it so. It is very balanced in weight. The center is brobably the heaviest point. Full mag in line with receiver and Aimpoint. Most weight in the center translates to better maneuverability, like a sword. You are correct, I live in Texas. I am not here to rub your terrible laws in your face. I like this forum. Good people and it's active. Better than and that's a national forum. You guys keep on fighting the good fight.

MBA, I like what you did with your AMD, and I concurr with what you said; regarding its light weight, loaded.

I chose to go in a different route with building my own AMD, much the same as you did; in order to suit My needs; and it is now my favorite rifle - You may or may not have noticed the Molot Grip, which I modified by removing completely the lower finger-rest and sanding down a bit on the remaining one, in order to better fit my natural hand-grip on the gun.

Fits me like a Glove, and with the Stock deployed, I can keep it balanced and painting the target with one hand; the AMD feeling as an extension of my right arm:

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