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Originally Posted by CGT80 View Post
That looks good. Can you really wet sand that? I would guess that the hammered paint left a texture to the finish, therefore wet sanding would only knock the top off the highest portion of the texture. Or, did you lay on enough clear that the surface is now smooth?

The stickers finish it off nicely. I hope they hold up well with the clear. Often times stickers look good until they age a bit and start to come off, but you got that one covered.
I tested the wet sanding on a test strip of metal. The clear coat has filled in some of the "hammered" finish, but there is still a texture to the finish (which I want to keep) that will only diminish even with 1000/15000/2000 wet sanding.

That being said, I'm going to pick up some buffing compound tomorrow and test that on the finish (test strip) and if all goes well, I'll be able to bring out a nice gloss shine while still retaining the texture of the hammered finish.

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