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Default Paint day!

********* 1/21/13 update *********

Took FOREVER for the special order paint to come in. Left WI on Monday only to arrive in San Leandro on Friday and sit in a truck from Saturday to today for "next business day delivery" via FedEx. Had to be shipped to vendor, otherwise I would have driven to San Leandro on Fri/Sat for pickup. Oh well.

Perfect day today for painting. Couldn't beat the weather...minimal wind, cloudless and SUNNY.

I am glad I pursued the "hammered" look paint and without question the result was worth the wait. When you see the test "strip" of metal, you can see the color/texture match of the hammered red is MUCH closer to the Hornady Red on the press. The texture look of the hammered paint on the stand looks outstanding IMO.

The final layer of paint went down nearly flawlessly. Good enough not to mess with ;-)

Debating on applying the decals to this layer or shooting a layer of clear coat first and then applying the decals with a layer or two sealing them in. Any thoughts?

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