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Originally Posted by NoHeavyHitter View Post
That looks great - maybe before you bolt it down it might be worth seeing if you could rig a "spent primer recovery system" into the main column? You could have a container at the inside of the bottom that wouldn't need to be emptied but every 20 years or so...
So my original idea for the spent primers was:
  1. Buy a longer tube than what's included with the LnL (did that)
  2. Planned on putting a container behind the column to catch the primers (still the plan)
  3. Planned on running the longer tube from the LnL around the side of the column to the rear. Admittedly not a clean look, but that was the original plan.
  4. Planned on securing the tube to the column with the cable tie pads I picked up and painted to color match the column. Also picked up red cable ties. Original thinking was this would give me a neat (not necessarily the cleanest) look.
Parts I plan on using: I've been spending the week off and on trying to get the base stand right (spraying is never as clean as one would like), I've watched a few YT videos about cutting oil based paint and using a brush to apply. I'm also looking into Rust-Oleum's "Hammered" paint as I like the look since it's close to the finish on the painting is "in process" at the moment.

Here's a few examples of the "hammered" finish:

Scroll down 3/4 to see the hammered examples.

No one carries red (just about every other color of course) so I had to special order it.

Your idea of going through the column made my anal retentive light bulb go "click". So, today I'm going to mock up the stand/press and route the tube to see what path is necessary for the primers to "flow" and possibly drill through the front/rear (different heights) of the column to route the tube that way.

Stay tuned...

********* 1/13/13 update *********

Took NoHeavyHitter idea and modified the column by drilling and shaping 2 holes.

Mounted the press to see where the primer tube hangs (glad I did, as I would have assumed center of the column). Turns out the spent primer tube on the press it offset a bit by about 1/2" or so. Center of the tube was 1.5" instead of 2" on column. Cut and shaped the holes as the front hole is higher than the rear (rear hole is dead center on the column). Top of the hole on the front is recessed on the top and just the opposite (on the bottom) for the rear hole.

I installed the tube and tested it with primers to ensure that there is a clean flow. All worked good. Sanded, primed, filled and primed again. Now it's more paint time. Not liking how the base plate is turning out with the brush method, so I'm going to wait on the "hammered" spray to see how I like that.

Spent primer holes addition (thanks again, NoHeavyHitter):

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