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Default another crazy day at the range

I went to Yolo Sportman Assoiation again today, only cause I didn't have time to go anywhere else. I was going to go to Sac Valley cause of the Calguns meet was there but I needed to be home by 1:00pm and Sac Valley is an 1 1/2 hours away from where I live. Anyway me and my buddy took about 6 guns to the range, we took the 54cal musket, the 45cal Knight disk in-line, the mini 30, the ruger redhawk in 44mag, the pt140, and my new rifle the model 70 in 30-06. We get all the way there and I realized I didn't bring any black powder or my powder measure so my buddy went back to get some powder I sighted in my model 70. When he got back I started shootin the muzzel loaders he started on the mini-30 after shootin for awile, we decided to go check targets and waited for everyone else to finish the range cleared we went down, came back and were waiten for the shoot'em up command when the range officer decided that cause the mini-30 action was closed he open it and found a live round in the chamber I felt bad cause it was my gun even though I wasn't shootin it luckly my buddy just got yelled at and we finished shootin the rest of the day went ok, my buddy shoots alot so I didn't think he needed to be babysat
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