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Originally Posted by czrami View Post
We in WA state have had this tax for about a year now.

All internet guns,,no exceptions.

with the added $30 to $70 or more sales tax, on top of the $35 fee.

Us gun owners are stuck with this added cost if we ever decide to sell the gun.

My $350 LCP now sits idle as I don't want to lose on it, but am going to have to do

so in order to get money together for a CZ97BD.

I'll have to pay sales tax on the gun from CZ-USA as well.

The seller must include the selling price on paper, or the Dealer

will charge the sales tax at the Retail price of the gun.

Really no fun trading guns (always legally) these days as the owner

usually eats that sales tax.

The Progs always find new ways to undercut 2A. This is no difference than a poll tax to suppress black voters in the Jim Crow South.

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