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Originally Posted by rudynix View Post
I loaded some test loads for my Wilson Combat 458 SOCOM and had a chance to test them out last weekend. Specs are below:

Starline brass
CCI350 Primers
Hornady 325gr FTX bullets
Hodgdons H110 powder
COAL 2.25

Loaded 45 rounds in sets of 5 from 29.0 grains to 33.0 grains in 0.5 grain increments. I didn't see any pressure signs until I started shooting the 32.0 grain rounds. I stopped at 32.5 grains of powder. The 31.0 grain loads seemed to give me the best accuracy (1 1/2" group), with no pressure signs, and chronographed at 1690 fps. I'm still perfecting this load, so my next step will be to load up some more in 0.2 garin increments starting at 30.0 grains to 32.0 grains, but will seat down to 2.230" COAL.
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