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Originally Posted by scobun View Post
Just as they do with muzzle breaks and flash hiders, they can make it up as they go since there isn't a black and white definition of when something becomes an SBR. You are really close to that line, and you're 100% correct that there isn't anything in black and white that says it is or isn't against the law. If you've got the dough to work this out with the ATF as a test case, I applaud your bravado.
don't get me wrong, it's not bravado.. and of course I do not want issues.. but I do not see it as a blurred line like you. it's not a butt stock. period. not sold as one, not advertised as one, does not function as one. I use it to store batteries for my laser.

really, there are so many things anyone could point at that "could" be an issue because they have never had official word or comment from "the authorities". Heck, early on the bullet button was a questionable device. now it is so ubiquitous, but still vague as IIRC there was never any official word it was legal and cool to own.. maybe 1 quote from 1 person on the inside, but nothing official if IIRC. "the authorities" have mostly been mute on many questionable areas, but we keep plodding forward.

some are so obvious, like putting a VFG on a pistol we know, for a fact, that is a no go.

heck, look at the KAC hand stop... that, by some, is a concern.. though it is not a VFG.

get it? this debate is endless and someone always tosses out the "if you wanna be a test case...." - I have no issues removing it if a definitive law or ruling or opinion backed by a bigger brain on the law pipes in. but in this instance with this device, a "maybe" "could" "possibly" - but with no clear law standard, it is hard to get super worried.
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