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Originally Posted by scobun View Post
Very cool, but I'd lose the CAA Stock Saddle in a hurry. There is a reason you're not supposed to be able to attach anything to a pistol tube buffer, and the fact that it is called a "Stock Saddle" doesn't help at all. That is waaaaaaaaaaay to close to being considered an SBR, unless you want to be a test case.
read it all before - but never read "you're not supposed to be able to attach anything to a pistol tube buffer" - if so, anyone attaching paracord, sling mount or foam is screwed... nope, not buying your loose paraphrased definition.

get me a legit definition and law mention and I will give it some thought.

fact is, it is not a "stock". The fact it has the word "stock" in it does not make it a stock. it has the word "saddle" in it, and it is not a saddle.

You can't, by the design of that product and adding it to your buffer tube, use it as a "stock" and place it on up against your "shoulder" - what a stock is. if you place it on your shoulder, your placing the buffer tube on your shoulder, not this device. this CAA stock saddle being on does not change that at all and is not up against your shoulder.
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