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Originally Posted by hermosabeach View Post
Store what you eat and rotate the stock

Eat 10 cans of soup- pull 10 in from the garage. Buy 10 more for the garage.

Keep a sharpie in the garage to date when you purchased the items

If you have kids that are use to a certain type of food, switching them to canned tuna after a quake might be a battle to avoid
If you have little ones you definitely want to keep food stored that you know they will eat..also works as comfort food for them.

Originally Posted by reefer_bob View Post
Or buy a couple cases of your favorite canned goods. At the end of the year, donate them to your local food bank and go buy new stuff!

Lots of options.
This too!!
As far as they Whey Protein I would keep that inside the house and out of the heat.
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